June 18. and 19.

Main Celebration Hafrsfjord

Guided tours by boat on the famous saga fjord Hafrsfjord are normally not available, but here’s your chance! We are filling three locations by the fjord with unique cultural experiences and will transport you between them by boat. On board professional guides will tell about the legendary battle, Harald Fairhair and his kingdom Nordvegr. A rare opportunity to learn about the legacy of Norway first hand. To take full advantange, set aside a full day!

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Bilder av Vikingfestivalaktiviteter

The main celebration offers exciting experiences and cool activities for all ages.

You can start your journey at any of the three anniversary locations: Ytraberget at Våganes, Møllebukta by Madla, and Sømmevågen by the airplane museum. The boats will be going continually, with hop on, hop off,  all on one ticket at 130,- NOK (Adult) 70,- NOK (Children u. 16). Here are some of the things that will be happening at the different locations:

Møllebukta (By Swords in Rock)

Here we will recreate daily life of Harald Fairhair’s time with the viking festival Hafrsfjordkaupangen («the Hafrsfjord market town»), a regular event for many years. It will as usual provide avctivities and experiences for the whole family, with archery, sword fights, market stalls and much else. Experience a real viking ship and eat lunch at the military boat shed that for the occasion will be transformed into a long house: “Etaståva Skaldekvad”.

PS: If you wish to spend more than a couple of hours at the Viking Festival at Møllebukta, it is possible to buy a separate ticket for just the festival on Friday the 17th.


Hafrsfjordkaupangen has provided real viking era experiences for many years. This year the festival is an integrated part of the Unification anniversary Hafrsfjord – Nordvegen.

Ytraberget ved Våganes

Here actors, dancers and musicians will provide their interpretations of the Viking period and the unification of Norway, and there will be games and activities for children.

There will be staged a scene from the play «Hårfagre» («Fairhair») by Erling Gjelsvik, directed by Torfinn Nag. You get to meet Harald and Gyda, and several other characters from the saga of the first king of Norway, brought to life by experienced actors.

Valen vokalensemble will perform extracts from the Lay of Harald in their own special way and in the original language of the vikings. Pupils from Bergeland upper secondary school will provide scenography, and it is expected more magic will arise in the already magical forest at Indraberget [, between Ytraberget and Våganes].

Valen Vokalensemble

Valen Vokalensemble consists of 8 professional singers. At the Unification anniversary they will be improvising upon the Norse text of the Lay of Harald.

The ensemble Klang av oldtid («Sound of Ancient Times») will perform a newly composed piece of music by the young and promising composer Øyvind Mæland. Mæland, who has his education from the Norwegian Academy of Music, has also recently had his music played by Stavanger Symphony Orchestra.

Ensemblet Klang av Oldtid i båt

The ensemble «Klang av Oldtid» will play on prehistoric instruments in the forest at Ytraberget

The local youth group FeelGood offer activites and hair styles appropriate to AD 872, while marine archaeologist from MUST demonstrate underwater archaeology. Will they be able to find remains from the legendary battle in the fjord?

A new sign with a visualisation of the Batlle of Hafrsfjord will be unveiled at Indraberget, and Yggdrasil, the sacred tree, will appear in the forest, decorated by Sande kindergarten.

The LARP-group «Tidsreiser» («Time travels») will challenge challenge children and youths to sword fights. It will not be a matter of life and death, but you must fight until you get the answer you need for the rebus of the Unification anniversary!

Barn leker med sverd i skogen

Happy children during an earlier event with the LARP group «Tidsreiser».

The professional dance troupe Kompani Haugesund will present a new dance show with the vikings and Norway’s unification as their theme.

From ar former performance by Kompani Haugesund. Photo: Kristian Thorsen Eikeland

Sømmevågen by the Airplane Museum

Jærmuseet (The local museum og Jæren) invites the public to join in on making different craft products and participate in activities. You can also get your own viking name and listen to the fear inducing sound of the Battle of Hafrsfjord as it must have been experienced by the warriors on board the ships.

Join in on carving a text in a standing stone
The Archaeological museum will guide those who wish to join in on carving the winning text from a competition that will be arranged together with Stavanger Aftenblad, the local newspaper, in April and May 2022. The 100 character long text is going to be carved into a standing stone, and the competition concerns, of course, what the text on the stone should be.

Children will be able to make their own rune patches in hide, and we get to study objects from the Viking period found at Hafrsfjord.

Hammer som klinker nagler på plass i båtside

The Unification anniversary intends to bring the Nordic tradition of clinker built boats to everyone’s attention. This was how the viking ships were built. Photo Engøyholmen Kystkultursenter.

Archaeologists from Rogaland County will be present to inform about their work, surveying the county’s cultural heritage.

PS: The boat shuttle between the locations will begin at 11 am, and will continue until 5 pm. It is wise to start the day by taking the boat to the next stop, and end the day enjoying the events at the location where you started. If you are worried that you might not get to see everything in one day, you can always buy tickets for both days.
Buying a ticket for Saturday gives you free access to the Archelogical Museum and the Iron Age Farm at Ullandhaug on Sunday. Buying a ticket for Sunday will give you free access to the same places for Saturday. 

Vikingskipet Saga Farmann

The 21 metre long Saga Farmann is one of the viking ships that is coming to Hafrsfjord and the Unification anniversary.

Boat building
The viking ships were fundamental to the unification of Norway, and the technique of constructing them is called clinker building. In December 2021 this Nordic technique was listed on UNESCO’s list for Intangible Cultural Heritage. Boatbuilders from Engøyholmen kystkultursenter (coastal culture centre) will be present to show the building of a «færing», a small rowing boat. You can join in on splitting logs and clinking rivets! The 6.5 m long færing will be based on the smaller boat found within the famous Gokstad viking ship, which is today exhibited in the Viking Ship Museum in Oslo. The Gokstad færing was originally built somewhere here in south-western Norway, while the copy being made during the Unification anniversary will be up for sale.

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